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Fiction Writers Plot
Nonfiction Writers Outline...

As someone who writes both fiction and nonfiction there is something that has always amused me.

Fiction writers talk about plot while nonfiction writers talk about outline.

The truth is, the most powerful way to bring your point home is to tell a story. Think about how you talk to people in everyday life...

You tell stories!

As a nonfiction writer your books can become so much more powerful is you use storytelling.

That's why I want to tell you about my "Nonfiction - A True Story" training.

Don't get me wrong. Everything you learned in "Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics" can work "as is." However, if you learn to use storytelling in your nonfiction it becomes exponentially better and more engaging.

I recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their nonfiction.

Here's What's Inside
"Nonfiction - A True Story"

  1. 19-Minute Video showing you how easy it is to use powerful storytelling techniques in your nonfiction.

  2. Transcript of the video if you can't spare 19 minutes.

  3. The Presentation used for parts of the video. This makes it super easy to get a quick overview of the method.

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