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Don't get me wrong. Everything you have purchased so far works on its own. However, I want to offer you a more in depth look at some of the techniques outlined.

To that end I've put together a package containing my two top nonfiction courses AND a secret bonus!

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  1. How to Write Engaging Nonfiction: A powerful training showing you how to use techniques developed way back in 1979 to ensure your readers get the most bang for their buck. These are techniques educational institutions all over the world invest thousands of dollars teaching their educators!

  2. Book-A-Day Problem Busters: The biggest problem for most nonfiction writers is that they try to do to much at once. People are looking for solutions, not a 500 page manual!

  3. My Secret Bonus: This bonus product shows you how you can create valuable step-by-step guides just by doing what you do in front of your computer!

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