Dear Nonfiction Author

Do You Ever Wonder Why Your
Nonfiction Books Don't Sell?...

Read On To Discover The Mistake
Most Nonfiction Authors Make...

You know how it is.

You've just published your latest nonfiction book.

And you're really excited about it.


Nothing happens.

For a while you were worried about it getting poor reviews.

But something far worse is happening.

Nobody buys it.

It's easy to get excited about a project, a book, you're doing.

The hard part is making sure potential readers are excited too.

GOOD NEWS, the solution is simple.

After 83 Books I Finally Got It

The BAD news is you're never going to stop making this mistake.

I've published at least 83 nonfiction books on various platforms and I still make this mistake from time to time.

Sometimes you get so excited about a book you're writing that it's impossible to avoid.

That's right, your own excitement can be your enemy.

It's not that you shouldn't be excited about the books you write. Excitement is important.

It's what drives you forward when you're slugging away at the keyboard.

But... and this is the simple secret I discovered... You have to make sure your book excites your READERS.

I know how painfully obvious it sounds. Because it is.

That's why it's shocking how many times I've made the mistake of writing books my readers were quite obviously NOT excited about.

And you have probably made the same mistake.


Mistakes Lead To Progress

I imagine it might not be very encouraging being told you're bound to make mistakes.

The truth is we all do.

For years I wrote books that I wanted to write.

And that was OK.

The experience of writing and finishing a book was priceless.

After that, of course, it would be nice if someone, anyone really, cared to read it.

Also, preferably, someone outside of my family.

But life isn't always that easy.

I realized I had a wealth of expertise in certain areas.

Things I KNEW could help a lot of people.

However, it's not always that people want to read what you KNOW will help them the most.

This is something I learned the hard way.

After a long, long time I realized the best way to get people to read my books was to write about the topics they cared about.

What I found was I could still do that within my areas of expertise.

And then, through the audience I built, I could begin to write, and sell, books I felt they really needed to read.

But first I had to realize that would only come by serving up what people wanted.

When I finally got to that point it turned out to be pretty easy.

Write What You Know

In my opinion "write what you know" is just about the worst piece of advice you can get. At least if that's the only advice you get.

Banking on people wanting to read "what you know" is just too much of a risk.

When you write commercially, you know to earn royalties, you have to consider the market.

You don't have to of course.

You can absolutely write the books that you want to write.

I do that all the time.

Just don't expect them to sell.

If you're cool with that, by all means, keep doing that.

What you should be doing is what is called "write to market." It basically means you

Write what the market wants.

Does that sound like fun?


If you're like me you write because you love it.

But a big part of it is to make money.

Let's not kid ourselves here.

We want our books to sell.


Most people write because they love to. Otherwise who'd ever go through the torture it can sometimes be?

That doesn't mean you can't write something that sells.

You need to give yourself that opportunity.

Wouldn't you agree?

I Proudly Introduce to You
"Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics"

There's no way to guarantee your next book will sell.

It just doesn't work that way.

However, it doesn't take much to improve your odds.

That's what I want to help you do.

And it's why I'm excited to share "Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics" with you.

It's not the sexiest name in the history names, but it does what it says on the tin.

It helps you connect the dots and figure out which topics your readers are hungry for.

It's much easier to sell food to a starving person than one who's just had a wholesome meal.

And the best thing is if you provide your readers with what they're looking for they will want more of it.

Much more...

Here's What You Get With
"Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics"

  1. 25-Minute Video showing you how to find awesome topics that people are hungry for.

  2. Transcript of the video if you can't spare 25 minutes watching the entire video.

  3. The PowerPoint Presentation used for parts of the video. This makes it super easy to find the websites I mentione in the video.

  4. My own unbelievably simple template for writing nonfiction (Word and PDF format)

  5. 17-Page PDF guide showing you how to find topic ideas AND how to use the template.

After going through the training material I'm confident you'll be able to jump right in and start your next nonfiction book today!

  • Earn more royalties by making simple and easy choices.
  • Publish books knowing there is a starving audience.
  • Do what you love to do and help people.
  • Prosper and build your audience by providing exactly what readers are looking for.
  • Use a stupid simple template and never again worry about how to get your books started.
  • Make your audience do your research for you.
  • Get your next nonfiction book started TODAY!
  • Go through the video training OR read the video transcript OR do both...the choice is yours.
  • Easily gather inspiration for an entire series of nonfiction books.
  • Worried it's too difficult? The nonfiction structure I introduce can be used by anyone!
  • Use the system to build a nonfiction EMPIRE.
  • And oh so much more...

Even I Finally Got It...
And So Can You!

I did it right the first time.

And then I didn't :-)

This sounds pretty silly, but it's exactly what happened.

Back in 2008, I released my first nonfiction book. Seems like yesterday and I still remember exactly how the experience affected my nervous system.

I swear I must have looked at that publish button for a week before I finally hit it.

I'd been wanting to publish a book for a long time.

I had this cocky notion that I could do that as well as, or even better, than most.

And finally, I did it.

For a first book, it did quite well.

I published it through a forum marketplace and got 89 sales. Now, that's not impressive in the grand scheme of things, but you have to remember I had no audience at the time and didn't really know a lot of people who could help me promote it.

I felt very good about it and still consider it a pretty good result. For a first book at least.

What I did right was exactly what I teach in "Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics."

I wrote a book I knew the market wanted.

That made it a lot easier to sell the book.

Then I forgot about all of that. I started writing books I wanted to write without worrying about what people wanted to buy.

I have a book about shortcut keys in Windows that makes a sale a year or something like that. It's nice to get those 2 bucks every year, but it's not exactly "quit-your-day-job" material.

I wrote that book because I thought it was a useful topic for people to know about.

I published more books like that with results that were no better.

Until I eventually realized my mistake.

Now, here I am with more than 80 books on the shelves on various platforms.

And I know as soon as I publish a book how likely that book is to actually sell.

I still, occasionally, write books I know won't sell.

Simply because I want to write to them. I'm cool with them not selling. I mainly wrote those for myself.

But when I want to publish a book that stands a reasonable chance of actually selling?

That's when I look at what the market wants.

And it makes all the difference.

I'll Write What I Want To!

But I want to write about what I love. What I want to write.

So do I. And I do.

But like most people, I also want to earn some money.

I'd love to say it's big money. You know "buy-your-own-island" money.

But less than can do just as good in most cases, right?

And even if that doesn't sound like much it still means you have to write what people want to read.

The number one element of publishing that you have to master is that to earn royalties you need people to buy your books.

That does not mean you can't write what you want to.

It just means you sometimes have to learn to love what you write.

Or, at least slant what you write towards what the market wants.

Then you have a much better shot know...selling books.

And it doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, the next objection you might have is that you don't know anything about the stuff people want to read about.

First of all, that's a load know.

If you know anything about the genre in question you also know the answers people are looking for.

And even if you don't, my foolproof system will help you find out.

Chasing A Pipedream?

So, let's just go over this.

Why are you writing nonfiction?

Why are you even considering going through the pain of outlining, writing and publishing a book?

I bet it's because you've got something to share.

And of course, because you want to earn money.

For me, it's a couple of things. I'm a teacher by heart...and by profession. And I love to write.

And I kind of want to earn my money that way.

Publishing nonfiction helps me do that.

Now, as I've mentioned it's not as simple as just publishing any old book.

You have to actually write something people want to read.

Not doing that can have a devastating impact on your publishing business.

Simply put, it will most likely mean you don't have one.

Now, there are no guarantees in life. And just because you put a book out there doesn't mean they'll buy it.

I wish that was how it worked. It isn't.

That's why it's important you get a few books out there on topics people want.

Researching that can be a pain.

Especially, If you don't really know where to go.

I can help you with that.

In just 30 minutes I can have an outline for a complete nonfiction book that people are likely to love.

With "Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics" I show you exactly how to find those topics.

And I provide you with everything you need to start writing less than one hour from now.

So tell me...what are your plans one hour from this exact point in time?

If you'd like it to be:

Writing my next nonfiction book.

Then you need to keep reading.

Nonfiction Publisher
Or Wannabe?

Have you managed to publish a book yet?

I hope the answer is yes, but I know there is a good chance it isn't.

If you have published a book how happy have you been with the results?

Did it meet your expectations?

Did people like it?

If you're able to answer no to one or more of the questions above I have one final question for you.

What would it mean to you to be able to not only publish a book but publish a book that's just what the market is craving?

You see, this training has two components.

  • Find the topics people want to read.
  • Put it into a structure that's super easy to work with.

When you put those two together you have everything you need to start pumping out one nonfiction book after another.

You literally won't have any excuse not to.

How much am I charging for this?

Less than it would cost for you and your friend to buy movie tickets...and let's face it, it's no fun going to the movie theatre alone :-)

The bottom line is, all of the above will only require you to invest $19.95!

Start Your Nonfiction Empire Today!

The price I mentioned above is more than fair. The truth is, it's a frickin' steal.

However, right now I'm offering it for even less.

Just $19.95.

It's not just about the financial investment you'll have to make.

It's about making the right investment.

And the investment that will actually help you finish and publish great books that people will love.

Are you ready to do that?

Get Started Right Here!


"Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics" comes with a 30 day no-questions asked money back guarantee...AS LONG as you make your inquiry through the support helpdesk OR the email address provided below. Any PayPal disputes will render the refund policy null and void.

You can reach me for support at any time at I do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. However, sometimes life gets in the way. Therefore I ask that you give me up to 72 hours to get back to you.

P.S. "Connect-The-Dots Nonfiction Topics" is so easy to use that anybody with a connection to the Internet can find smoking hot topics.

P.P.S. If you really want to start selling nonfiction books you HAVE to start writing what people want. It's as simple as that.

P.P.P.S. For what you're getting the price of this training quite simply insane. This really should be a far more expensive course. However, I want to keep it affordable which is why the introductory price is this low. But, there's no way I can promise to keep it this low for ever. Take action now while the investment you need to make is still ridiculously tiny.

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